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Modlin Airport Parking Lot 62 – Information for clients

airportBelow, you can find some additional pieces of information relating to the operation of our parking lot and conveniences available to you.

  • Is it necessary to book a parking spot on the parking lot next to the Modlin Airport?

On our website, you can find a comprehensible booking form, thanks to which you can select the date and hour of your arrival, as well as choose the number of cars for which spots should be booked. Booking is not a necessity, but while filling in the form, you have the guarantee that there will be enough space for your car or cars on a given day at a given hour.

  • Modlin Airport Parking Lot 62 – How far i sit from the airport?

Our Parking Lot 62 is situated in a close proximity to the Modlin Airport. You need no more than 5 minutes to reach it! Thanks to that, you can properly prepare for your flight and minimize the risk of missing your plane.

  • Is the parking lot safe?

Of course, the parking lot is exceptionally safe, mainly because its whole area is fenced, well-lit, monitored, and guarded all the time. The parking lot in question is available 24/7 and well protected at all times. We guarantee that the car you entrust us will be returned to you in an unchanged condition during the collection procedure.

  • What is the price for leaving a car in the parking lot?

The current price list is available on our website, in the Price List subsection. You can also opt for a subscription, which will make it possible for you to save even 50 PLN.

  • How can I pay for a parking spot?

There are several methods of paying for parking spots. You can pay via credit card, in cash, or while collecting the vehicle.

  • Will I receive a VAT invoice?

On customer’s request, we can issue a VAT invoice. If you want to receive such a document, please inform us about that while undertaking payment for the parking lot.

  • How can I collect my vehicle after returning from a trip?

After your arrival, please contact us via phone and our employee will collect you from the airport terminal.

  • What conveniences are available for the clients?

While visiting our parking lot, you will be able to take advantage of our modern and comfortable waiting room equipped with a TV, WC, wireless Internet connection, and coffee machine (tea and coffee are served for free). What is more, we also have a dedicated zone for children with a number of toys for them to play with!
There is also the possibility of entrusting us your keys, documents, and the excess of luggage. Nearby, there is a grocery store and within 1 km from the parking lot, a hotel and an inexpensive restaurant are located.

  • Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, we also offer our customers fixing car malfunctions after prior arrangements via phone or in person.
What is more, we can help you get your car running free of charge, should such a need arise.
To order additional services, please contact us via phone at +48 532-211-555.

Our customers are additionally given small gifts in the form of key chains with our logo and car air fresheners.

Modlin Airport Parking Lot 62 – Conveniences for clients

Modlin parkingOur parking lot, situated next to the Modlin Airport, grants the possibility of entrusting client’s car to our professional staff. However, it is not all. While waiting for your flight, you can take advantage of a myriad of conveniences we have prepared for you.
Among them, there are:

    • Spacious waiting room – Modlin Parking Lot 62 offers its customers the possibility of taking advantage of a spacious and comfortable waiting room. It is fitted with a TV, as well as with a coffee machine. Our clients are not required to pay for hot drinks brewed for them.
    • Children zone – individuals travelling with children do not need to worry about arranging some engaging activities for them. The parking lot next to the Modlin Airport also has its own children zone. It incorporates a myriad of colorful toys and funny board games.
    • Deposit of valuables – if you do not want to leave your car keys or documents in the vehicle, you can always store them in our safe locker. Thanks to that, you can always leave your valuables in Poland before embarking on a trip. It has to be stated at this point that travelling with your documents or car keys on you is not the safest idea. If your valuable items are stolen, you may have to deal with a number of issues you would rather avoid. If your keys and documents are stored in our lockers, you can then be sure that they are 100 % safe and will be returned to you in an unchanged condition.
    • Luggage and excessive luggage storage – if you decide to leave some of your luggage before your flight, you can always entrust it to us. Our offer includes luggage and excessive luggage storage. It is a great opportunity to avoid problems with paying additionally for the excess of items you have with you before departure.

Night’s lodging

The parking lot situated next to the Modlin Airport is located in a close proximity to some important tourist spots, such as a hotel and a restaurant. As close as 1000 m from the lot, there is a hotel where you can book a comfortable and cozy room. Nearby, there is also a restaurant serving inexpensive and delicious meals. Thanks to that, you will be able to stay for a bit longer near the airport while waiting for your flight. The synergy of Modlin Airport Parking Lot 62 and the aforementioned hotel makes the place a great spot for all individuals willing to get to know Warsaw a bit better. We would also like to add that there is a grocery store in a close proximity to the lot.

We would like to encourage you to take advantage of the offer of our parking lot. We are more than sure that the combination of a professional staff and the available conveniences will make your trip a remarkably more enjoyable experience. If you happen to have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced employees will do their best to dispel any of your doubts. We will support you, as well as provide you with key pieces of information thanks to which leaving Warsaw form the Modlin Airport will be connected with the feeling of comfort and certainty that your car will be safe.

We would like to encourage all of our prospective customers to visit us – Modlin Airport Parking Lot 62, Stanisławowo 23A Street.






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