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Price list

  • 1 Day

    45 PLN

  • 2 Days

    45 PLN

  • 3 Days

    45 PLN

  • 4 Days

    50 PLN

  • 5 Days

    50 PLN

  • 6 Days

    50 PLN

  • 7 Days

    50 PLN

  • 8 Days

    55 PLN

  • 9 Days

    55 PLN

  • 10 Days

    60 PLN

  • 11 Days

    60 PLN

  • 12 Days

    65 PLN

  • 13 Days

    65 PLN

  • 14 Days

    70 PLN


    100 PLN

The price covers two-way transfer

Each next day, up to 30 days, is paid PLN 5 extra


car wash

After prior agreeing it with the owner, the car of the client may be additionally washed and cleaned. The price for the service is negotiable

Modlin 62 Parking Lot

Parking 62 Parking Lot – The area in question is situated only 5 minutes from the Modlin Airport! Thanks to that, you can prepare for your trip in comfortable conditions without risking being late for the flight.
We are in possession of a spacious and properly secured parking lot. We grant our clients full car safety. The vehicle will be returned to you in an unchanged condition on the day of your arrival!

Nearby, there is a grocery store. Within a 1000 m radius, there is also a hotel and an inexpensive restaurant.
Our parking lot additionally incorporates a comfortable and modern waiting room equipped with a TV and coffee machine (tea and coffee are served toll free). We offer our clients the possibility of leaving their keys and documents in our office, as well as store their excessive luggage for later collection.
If you happen to have any difficulties getting your car running in the case of its malfunction – we will gladly help you fix the problem.

All vital details are provided in the Servicing section of the website.
A parking lot near the Modlin Airport is your guarantee of safety and full car protection while you are away.
The parking lot is situated on a properly prepared and enforced land that is fenced from all sides. The lot is well-lit and guarded 24/7. Parking Lot 62 near the Modlin Airport is managed by a very kind and professional staff, offering its support and assistance whenever it is needed. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would also like to encourage you to book parking spaces by filling in the booking form.

parking Modlin

Parking lot next to the Modlin Airport

Frequent travelling makes us more and more open to the world and people around us. It is worth doing anything we can to make traveling from one place to another as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That is why we would like to encourage you to take advantage of our parking lot that is situated in a close proximity to the Modlin Airport. Said solution will surely increase your comfort and independence during your flight.

A true comfort of travelling

Modlin Parking Lot has become an indispensable element during various trips, both national and international ones. The possibility of leaving the car parked next to the airport makes it possible for a traveller to enjoy full independence. By taking advantage of it, you can specify the exact date and hour of departure by yourself. You can simply forget about being late and missing your plane.
It has to be stated that public means of transport, such as buses and trains, are frequently unreliable, especially due to various delays. Pilots do not have the luxury of being able to wait for all the passengers coming late. That is why people who miss their plane have to be prepared for a remarkable change of their trip-related plans. Undoubtedly, the most reliable mode of transportation that will always allow you to reach the airport on time is a car. By opting for our parking lot, you can forget about parking-related problems throughout your entire trip.

Modlin 62 Parking Lot – Astounding location

locationParking lot next to the Modlin Airport is characterized by a great location. The possibility of parking a vehicle 5 minutes from the airport will allow you to properly prepare for the flight. What is more, you will not be required to walk a remarkable distance from the spot where the car is parked to the departure longue. It is a notable convenience, especially for individuals travelling with children or having to take a heavy luggage with them.
Such a small distance from the parking lot to the airport makes it easy to reach the departure longue. Sometimes, while parking in spots located farther from the airport, it is possible to misjudge the time necessary to reach the airport. Thanks to a remarkably small distance here, you will surely catch you plane without any complications.

24/7 servicing

24/7 servicingWe offer you 24/7 servicing. Our Modlin 62 Parking Lot has become a great destination for people travelling on various days of the week, as well as at various hours. If you want to take advantage of a parking spot, you do not need to book it beforehand. However, we highly encourage you to contact us in advance, especially if you want to book a particular spot just for yourself.

You can book your spot here:  BookingComprehensive protection and full safety

full protectionAll cars left within the borders of our parking lot are comprehensively protected. You can travel around Poland or other countries without worrying about your vehicle at all. A perfectly protected Modlin 62 Parking Lot is the guarantee that your car, while being collected after the trip, will be in a perfect condition, just as it was left beforehand.

Modlin Parking Lot – most affordable prices

We offer our clients exceptionally affordable prices of the available services. They can all be checked in the Price list. section of the website. If you decide to opt for a subscription, for example to leave your car with us for a longer period of time, you can save as much as PLN 50. In the case of any questions, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.






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